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Shared Responsibility, Safety, and Success.

It's time to elect leaders that understand the value of public education, supports our teachers, and knows how to get things done. That is why I'm running! 

Shared Responsibility

Educators, Parents, Students. All three have shared responsibility for student growth and success. I will not attempt to micromanage our educators. Parents should be engaged partners in their children’s education. However, this will never mean listening to only a
few of the loudest most persistent voices.

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School Corridor


Children need to feel safe to be successful in school. WDM schools already are focusing on working making every child feel that they are respected
and valued. And I will work to ensure these efforts are maintained and expanded.


The core mission of our schools is to prepare students for their adult lives. All students that put forth the effort to earn their diploma should be recognized and celebrated for their successes, whether they are continuing on to college, vocational training, or the work world. 

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