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Meet Michael Andreski

Michael is a Des Moines native and a fifth generation Iowan. While growing up in Clive, he was educated in the West Des Moines Community Schools, graduating from Valley High School in 1978. He then studied pharmacy at the University of Iowa and practiced Hospital Pharmacy for 20 years. During that time he completed a Master of Business Administration which then led him to return to the University of Iowa to obtain a PhD in Pharmacy, studying multi-disciplinary teams in health care.


Michael started teaching at Drake University where he has worked for 14 years, teaching pharmacy management, law, ethics, and entrepreneurship to third year pharmacy students. As a part of his research and professional advocacy, he complete a Master in Jurisprudence at the Drake University Law School.

Michael and his family returned to West Des Moines when he started teaching at Drake. One of his two sons also graduated from Valley in 2011. He has been married to Kara for five years and together they share five children and three grandchildren. A US Army veteran, Kara is also a Drake graduate in Art.


Michael Andreski is running for the West Des Moines School Board because he cares about the future of students in the WDM schools. As a graduate of Valley, Michael credits his success in life to the educational foundation that he received in the district. 

Michael's philosophy is that education should provide the ladder to success for all students, whatever their goals in life.
His ladder led to professional practice and academia, but there are many other ladders to success: College, vocation and apprenticeship training, employment, and independent living for a fulfilling life. Michael believes that the role of the school board is to strengthen and hold steady that ladder of success for every student!


Michael will bring strength to the school board through his training and experience. As a health care professional, he brings active listening skills and empathy. As an educator and academic, he brings skills in research and analysis, financial, operational and legislative advocacy. And of course, as a parent and alumni, Michael brings experience in the district and an understanding of the West Des Moines community.

That's why Michael is running for the West Des Moines School Board - to give back to the community in return for what he's been able to enjoy since he graduated from Valley High School in 1978. Tiger Pride!

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